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20 Great STEM Gifts for Kids for Under $10


For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for math and science.  I remember mixing random hygiene products in the bathroom in an attempt to create a chemical reaction and digging up holes in the backyard in search of fossils.  To this day, I am still fascinated by the universe, and while I did not grow up to be a chemist or an archaeologist, I have spent my adulthood in a career in STEM as an Environmental Specialist.  Needless to say, I LOVE SCIENCE!!!

When my son was born, I had hoped that he would grow to have that passion for science and math that I did as a child; as luck would have it, he absolutely does.  Just look at this face when I told him we were going to learn about chemical reactions and polymers:

Getting ready to make a polymer (we don’t do “goop” in my house!)20171203_165602.png

Children today are so fortunate to have been born in a time where access to STEM has never been easier.  The internet is full of How-Tos for DIY STEM activities, and books and kits are only just a mouse-click away from being delivered right to your doorstep.  Since we are officially in gift-giving season (yay!), I though I would share some awesome STEM gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and more importantly, incorporate fun into science and math.  If you’re interested in purchasing any of these sets, just click on the set name or picture to be redirected to Amazon.  I’ll also note that at the time of this post, Amazon is having a special on many of these items and you might be able to nab them for even less than the prices listed below:

***Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.***

1. 4M Tin Can Robot – $9.97


With this set, your child can create a battery-powered robot out of any used tin can.  This is too cute!

2. 4M Kitchen Science Kit – $9.97


This kit contains a few different (more like 6) experiments using things found in your kitchen.  It even has a few experiments that focus on chemical reactions (my fave!)!

3. Edu-Toys DIY Microscope Kit – $9.97


This is a great starter microscope set that you have to build.  I love that you could find a million things to observe without even having to leave your living room.

4. Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Discovery Lab Pens & Field Journal – $9.99


This is my favorite item on this list– I just love this kit!  This set comes with 2 multi-tool pens (1 for water and 1 for land observations) and a journal.

5. Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig – $9.00


I gave my bug a very similar set earlier this year– he loved it!  This set comes with a block that contains several stones– the block has to be chiseled away, archaeologist style, in order to unearth the stones.

6. Solar System Planetarium DIY Model Kids Astronomical Science kits – $9.66


This model requires painting and assembly.  This is a great set that will not only teach your children the order of the planets, but also each planet’s characteristics.

7. 4 in 1 Wind and Rubber Band Powered Experiment Car for STEM – Wind Sail Car, Rubber band Launched car, Propeller car, Propeller cable car – $9.99

This is a great set that you can use to teach your children about physics.  This kit includes the materials needed to make 4 different moving models.

8. Make 7 Game – $9.99


This game is the love-child between Connect 4 and math.  This is a great way to teach your kids about the Commutative Property without saying “Commutative Property.” 🙂

9. Battery Power Generation Experiment Combined Creative Building Diy Science and Nature Toys – $8.90

This is a building kit that contains several different experiments involving batteries.

10. Elenco LED Robot Blinker Soldering Kit [ SOLDERING REQUIRED ] – $9.99


This is easily my second favorite item on this list.  Soldering is one of those things that sounds intimidating, but is actually pretty easy to do.  This kit will teach your child about electrical components and how they interact.  I love love love this set.  This is definitely going under our tree this year.

11. 4M Grow a Maze Kit – $8.16


This is a great kit to teach your children about how plant life interacts with the environment around it.  This is also a great kit if your little one has a green thumb!

12. Ravensburger Science X 3D Optics Activity Kit – $9.77


This kit is a great way for kids to learn about 3D concepts and how to create them.

13. EIN-O’s Molecular Models Kit – $7.49


This is a great and easy way to introduce children to molecular structures.  This is a basic set that covers more common/simple compounds.

14. Yannothing 6-in-1 DIY Science Educational Solar Energy Robot Toys Kit Plane Windmill Airboat Car Educational Developmental Toys Baby Kids Training Toy – $8.99


This set is another one of my favorites on this list– I love how this kit can help children learn about renewable energy.

15. HiLetgo Kit Clock – $8.79

By this time I’m sure you’ve probably figured out that I really like sets and kits that require building and assembly.  I like this set because it checks that box, but also that it can be used to create a real, working clock that can be used daily.

16. Straw and Connectors Building Set – $7.88


This set is perfect for a budding civil engineer!  The possibilities are endless with this set, and it can be used to create large 3D figures.

17. Electronics Lab with Fiber Optics – $9.31


This is another great set that helps kids learn about electrical components while also introducing them to fiber optics.

18. Little Labs Physics and Forces – $7.01


This physics set focuses on activities that teach children about force and motion.

19. 4M Fingerprint Kit – $9.07


This kit contains a series of different items that enable a kid to collect fingerprint samples, including dusting powder!  This set serves as a great introduction to forensics.

20. Piccolo Genio Discovery The Human Body Game – $5.88


This set helps children better understand/learn about human anatomy.  This is a perfect set for a future doctor!


These were just some of the great items I came across this season.  I hope you were able to find some gift inspiration for your future scientist.  I’d love to hear from you– what are the STEM gifts you would recommend?