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10 Great Gifts for Kids for Under $15


I am happy to report that I am way ahead of schedule on my Christmas shopping this year!  Generally speaking, I search for gifts that I think encourage learning, creativity, and family time; hence, things like science kits, books, puzzles, and board games almost always make it into my shopping cart.

My little bug (Christmas 2013)babychristmas(1)

Most importantly, I try to find things that I think the receiver will genuinely enjoy.  I also like to keep a budget of $15 per person (or less than $10 if I can help it) since I have a large family and holiday spending can easily get out of control.  This budget does not apply to my bug and my mom as I do like to splurge a little on them. 🙂

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The items below are some of those that I’ve personally purchased this year for my bug, nieces, nephews, and children of family friends.  If any of these gifts interest you, I’ve posted links (just click on the pictures of the product or the product name) for the lowest-priced item I was able to find online at Amazon.

Here are some of the items I picked this year:

***Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.***

1. Circuit Scribe Kit – $9.99

This is hands-down my favorite gift on this post.  This kit comes with materials, including a conductive ink pen, that allows you to create fully-functional electrical circuits.  This kit is too cool for school!  The box lists this as appropriate for ages 8 and up; however, my bug is 7 and this is something that we would do together anyway.  I could honestly see us playing with this even if he were as young as 6.  My bug and I love anything STEM related so this was a super-easy buy for me.

***UPDATE AS OF 12/1/2017***This product is currently unavailable on Amazon for $9.99; however, you can still purchase this product at the following address for the same price:

2. Pie Face! – $5.88


This game doubles as a great gift and family game, and the price is right!  It is a roulette-style game that will leave you with a face full of whipped cream.  This is a really fun game to play and also a great way to spend quality family time.  Best of all, the kids go insane to see grownups getting splatted.

3. Wet Head Water Roulette Game – $10.89


The concept of this game is very similar to Pie Face, except that you have a hat filled with water instead.  I love this game!  Imagine playing this game on Christmas day as a family (it’s always hot here in Texas!), or on any other day for that matter.

4. Family Feud Board Game – $12.94


This game is hilarious and is another great gift and family game.  I have literally had tears streaming out of my eyes from laughing so hard while playing this game, so I picked up this game for one of my friend’s kids who loves the show.  This is also one of those games I could see my family playing on holidays and family functions.

5. Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit – $10.08


This kit contains eraser clay that you first shape/mold and then bake to set.  Afterwards, you end up with erasers of your own creation.  This is a cute artsy gift or stocking-stuffer that doesn’t make a mess.  This is also another great way to spend quality family time together.

6. Faber-Castell Young Artist Learn to Paint Set – $14.99


I would first like to note that I did not purchase this specific set– for whatever reason, I could not find my set online.  This set, however, is not only similar but is also much better than the set I purchased, and it is still less than $15.  I love this set because it includes washable/non-toxic paint, and includes the materials a child will need to start painting right away.  It is just an adorable budding artist set.

7. Musical UFO (3 Bundle Science Set) – $15.70


I know that this bundle is slightly over $15 dollars; however, it is a 3-piece bundle that comes with 1 Musical UFO Project Kit and 2 Crystal Growing kits.  I plan to separate this bundle into a gift (Musical UFO) and 2 separate stocking stuffers (Crystal Growing kits).  The Musical UFO basically works like a Theremin which is an instrument that is controlled by the movement of your hand.

8. State the Picture – $14.44

State the Picture is a board game that is based on US Geography and was actually created by an 11-year old.   I love the concept of this game and it is a fun way to help your child learn the states.  Per the box, this game is recommended for children 8 and up; however, this gift is going under the tree for my 7 year old.  I am actually looking forward to playing this game with him.

9. Kaleidoscope Coloring: 500 Pieces to Color and Assemble – $14.92


This kit contains a puzzle, a coloring book, and markers.  The puzzle is blank (sans design) and is supposed to be colored in only after the puzzle has been assembled, making this a brain exercise as well.  I purchased this product for my 8 1/2 year old niece who really enjoys these kinds of activities.  Overall, this is a great gift for older children and adults as well.

10. Walkie Talkie Wrist Watch Set – $11.99

I loved walkie talkies as a kid, so much so that I probably would have lost my mind if these were available back then.  These walkie talkie watches include additional features like a compass, secret compartment, magnifying glass, and more.  This set would make a great gift for any kid, big or small.

I hope this post has given you some gift shopping inspiration. I’d love to hear about any gift ideas you have or any deals you’ve come across!